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What is Esogetic ColorPuncture™ Acu-light Therapy?

  • An advanced, complete light therapy healing system
  • Clears energy blockages and restores balance
  • Supports your "thrival"
  • Is effective, non-invasive alternative to acupuncture 

This revolutionary, non-invasive system uses complementary acu-light colors in a precise manner so they travel through the skin's natural light receptors--straight to the cellular level. 

ColorPuncture works with colored light to move you away from sickness and disease, toward health and balance in every aspect of body, mind and spirit.

The science is compelling. Esogetic Colorpuncture™ combines the modern biophysics of cellular communication with ancient wisdom regarding the body's energy meridian points. 

Renowned German naturopath and scientist Peter Mandel developed Esogetic Colorpuncture™ more than 25 years ago. He received ongoing encouragement in his work from Fritz Popp, a world-famous German research scientist. Popp specializes in the field of light emissions at the cellular level.

Conditions addressed by Esogetic ColorPuncture™ include

All chronic conditionsImmune deficiencies
AllergiesStress / Burnout
ArthritisPain, acute and chronic
CancerPrenatal and birth trauma
Childhood traumaPsychosomatic blocks
Confusion about your life pathRelationships
Hormone irregularitiesSkin problems
Intestinal disorders

How does Esogetic ColorPuncture™ Acu-light Therapy work?

All living cells emit light. They use it to communicate information throughout communities of cells. One cell signals another to begin or continue a process. As in other relationships, healthy communication is essential. When light communication breaks down or is blocked due to a physical or emotional trauma, cells can begin to receive wrong information creating a perfect environment for disease and psychological problems. 

Yes, Esogetic Colorpuncture™ eases or eliminates noticeable and uncomfortable symptoms of this communication breakdown, however, its highest value is that it treats the fundamental  source of the problem. Colored light instruments are placed gently and precisely on the surface of the skin to restore correct information and healthful communication between cells.

Can this advanced system be described as one-size-fits-all?

No. Each person is unique, and the Esogetic ColorPuncture™ system contains hundreds of different treatments. Correct light color frequencies are applied to appropriate acupuncture locations on the skin, according to the very personal needs of each individual. Each person participates in their own healing. Your reported results or reactions help to determine each subsequent treatment. Reactions can include easing or disappearance of symptoms, vivid dreams, emotions, bodily sensations, and new achievements in personal or spiritual development.

IceBreaker Treatment

ColorPuncture offers hundreds of different treatments. IceBreaker is the name of a particularly powerful one aimed at dissolving rigid mental beliefs or patterns. This painless treatment takes only 20 minutes and can help to change your life. When you are tired of running up against the same frustrating brick wall over and over in your life, IceBreaker treatments can assist you in breaking free of that pattern and advancing on your true path. 


"Clients seek ColorPuncture for a range of reasons. Some have chronic illness or pain. Some need organ and system support during chemo. Some are clinically depressed. Some feel physically and emotionally healthy and choose therapeutic light work to support change in their lives. Others choose acu-light treatments to prevent becoming ill down the road."   -- Anna, CCP

* Anna's practice is located in Houston, Texas

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